Trade smarter with our AI-powered TredScanner & spot high-potential stocks through advanced Fund Momentum Indicator

Tired of hitting
Stop Loss?

Ever felt like you're not catching the big moves in the stock market? Wondering where the BIG PLAYER's are active? Well, TredScanner is your solution to all those trading headaches.

Fund Momentum Indicator

TredScanner, powered by AI, automates your stock selection process by delivering the best stocks for trading.

Trade like
Hedge Funds

Using AI, as soon as the market opens, TredScanner finds stocks to trade with the highest BIG PLAYER's participation.

Hawk-eye view
of the Market

TredScanner's AI offers a hawk-eye view, tracking Big players' positions and rising/falling sectors in the market.

TredScanner helps you find clarity in the chaotic market.

Trading becomes remarkably simpler when an AI-powered back-tested system, backed by 16 years of solid data, provides you with stocks to trade based on reliable price action.

Intraday Money Flow

Discover stocks with the highest institutional participation, fueling intense market moves. For high-potential trading action and maximize your gains.

Institutional Sector based Trading

Spotlights top-performing sectors with heavy institutional presence, delivering optimal stock choices for you to seize and succeed.

TredScanner's Performance

From July 11, 2022, to April 30, 2024
TredScanner delivered impressive returns of over +269.39%.

Success Stories

Together, we can confidently say that TredScanner goes beyond being a solo tool—it's the secret sauce that fuels our group success in trading. If you're eager to supercharge your trading journey and be part of a vibrant community of like-minded traders, TredScanner is the boost you've been waiting for.- The TredScanner Trading Community

Subscription Options

Elevate your trades with TredScanner's flexible pricing plans!

Basic Plan


  • 1 Month of Access

  • Volatility & Fund Momentum Indicator

  • Hawk-Eye view of Market

  • Curated Index Hot Picks

  • Institutional Sector-based Trading

  • Real-time Stock Alerts

  • Lifetime Community Access

Standard Plan


  • Everything in Basic Plan
    Plus :

  • 3 Months of Access

  • Advanced Trading Parameters

  • Wicks Theory

  • Safe vs Risky Breakout

  • Winner's Rule Book

  • Lifetime Community Access

Pro Plan


  • Everything in Basic Plan
    Plus :

  • 6 Months of Access

  • Advanced Trading Parameters

  • Wicks Theory

  • Safe vs Risky Breakout

  • Winner's Rule Book

  • Lifetime Community Access

Tick Tock...
Clock is Ticking!

Don't let another opportunity slip by.
Embrace the TredScanner life and take charge of your trading destiny. Ready to roll?

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