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We are Revolutionizing the Indian Stock Market using AI-Powered Trading Tools & Services for Maximum Profit.

Intelligent Tools and Data Analysis for Smarter Trades.

Our Products

Enhance your trading prowess with our intelligent tools and data analysis, empowering you to make smarter trades with confidence.



AI-powered Stock Scanner that identifies positions of BIG PLAYERS and potential stocks for trading.



Get Institutional-level Stocks, Analysis, Reports & much more for Short and Long term trading.



A network of like-minded Traders where everyone can interact, learn & grow with each other.

Discover the Power of AI

But why TredStock?

Trading becomes remarkably simpler when AI-powered back-tested systems, backed by decades of solid data, provides you with stocks, analysis, reports & much more to trade based on reliable robust strategies.

Master Stock Selection

Wondering where the BIG PLAYERS are actively placing their bets? Our tools tracks it for you, revealing the sweet spots in the market.

Unleash Momentum:

Identifies potential momentum stocks, giving you the chance to ride the wave of success before everyone else catches on.

Powerful Network

With AI, it becomes easy to track markets and trade momentum stocks but with a strong network, the growth is non-stop.

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